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Karlie Redd is a multifaceted entertainer, business woman and humanitarian. “Triple Threat” is an understatement when it comes to describing the budding powerhouse

Karlie dedicates countless hours and resources to communities in need through her non-profit organizations.

Karlie dedicates countless hours and resources to communities in need through her non-profit organizations “Giving Hearts with Love Foundation” and Big House Foundation. Born to West Indian parents in New York, Karlie moved back with to Trinidad where she spent most of her youth. Moving back stateside at the age of 12, the young singer, actor, and model Karlie continued to pursue her talents at the Harlem School of the Arts. There she studied voice, music and dance. While sharpening her technical skills, she also toured with the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Company in between gigs. Growing up she always wanted to set an exemplary role model for those around her. In fact, her main drive when faced with adversity is to prove to young women where there is a will there’s a way. Through her charity program Karlie’s Angel’s she does just that by assisting young women in search of guidance. Leading by example, Karlie advises to aspiring young adults to “remain humble, confident, never settle and work hard to be the best you can be!”. Time and time again the international beauty continues to illustrate you can have it all – brains, beauty and career.

Before the world was introduced to her on VH1’s hit series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, Karlie had achieved notoriety as a credited model and actress.

Starting her career early, she appeared in over 40 TV commercials, movies and print campaigns by the age of 16. Some fan favorites include B.A.P.S, Chris Rock’s Top Five and Vh1’s breakthrough acting competition Scream Queens. Since joining the Atlanta cast, Karlie has continued to captivate audiences for 7 seasons with her passionate, spirited, upfront personality. Her fiery ambition that can be felt through TV screens lead to a recurrent acting role on Bounce TV’s breakthrough drama “Saints and Sinners.” Karlie took an interest in the film industry learning the in’s and outs of directing and producing at Los Angeles Film School.

Influenced by greats Celine Dion and Bob Marley, Karlie’s music is all about “The Vibe”.

Musically, she began her career working with heavyweight producers Commissioner Gordon and L.O.S. The Maestro. Furthering her artistry, Redd went on to collaborate and learn from chart-topping artist Will I Am, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston and the legendary KRS-1.

Understanding there is value in honing multiple skill-sets.

Having performed alongside successful contemporary artists such as Tyrese Gibson and Jamie Foxx, at staple venues such as B.B. Kings. Karlie’s musical sets feature a full band and high energy performances to engage fans.

Her latest single “Heartbreaker” feat. Young Dro peaked at #26 on iTunes Chart , #15 on Google Play and Spotify. As a result, she formed a label partnership with Empire Distribution.

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Love… War… Pleasure… Pain…


Born and raised in fast-paced New York, sixteen-year-old Eve is mature for her age and welcomes new adventures. When she is seduced by the good looks, flashy car, and the silken touch of an older man, she finds herself irresistibly hooked. Benefitting from Tony’s generosity and free-flowing cash, she gets her first taste of being pampered and spoiled, and she becomes the envy of her high school friends. But her fairy tale romance crashes down around her when she discovers that Tony has been leading a double life.

Thus begins the cycle of Eve desiring true love but having difficulty finding it. She seeks revenge on Tony with a neighbor but that quickly takes a wrong turn and, eventually, she moves to Los Angeles with another older man that she feels can help her establish her acting career. From there, she falls head over heels for a boxer, who turns out to be bad news. Eve truly falls in love with a musician who she believes is “the one.” The difference is that he is struggling when they fall in love but once he becomes an overnight success, the tables turn once again.

Eve has to face the fact that she is better off alone, that she can accomplish her dreams on her own merits, and that she has exchanged enough of herself—her mind, body, and soul—for material things and promises. Jam-packed with drama, eroticism, and thought-provoking scenes, Even Exchange by Karlie Redd is a page-turner that will have readers up all night anticipating the unforgettable climatic ending.

“In Even Exchange, Karlie Redd pens a vivid and intriguing story about a young lady who has to learn about life the hard way. Continuously seeking love in all the wrong places, Eve finally discovers that the love she seeks is within herself. A poignant coming-of-age cautionary tale about what it means to mature too quickly and eventually learn from your mistakes. The eroticism is top-notch but, more importantly, many young ladies can learn from this novel and grow to embrace themselves instead of believing that they can’t flourish and succeed alone. Even Exchange is an “evergreen” story that will delight readers for decades to come.”